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The ika-core Ikariam Script and Search Home

Search players and alliances in the web broswer game Ikariam and much more. Find enemy islands, spot enemy alliances. Simply search with ika-core , and you will find it.

Ikariam is a free browser game offered worldwide by GameForge .The player`s challenge is to lead his people through the ancient world. To build towns, trade and conquer islands. Ikariam is based in ancient Greek times, where by players build towns on islands. Each island contains one of four luxury resources and sixteen town locations for island neighbours. It is a real-time game like many others (oGame,Travian etc), as much realtime as browser game can be though. Its a new stream of MMORG web browser based.

The ika-core Ikariam Search Home privacy policy, user policy and more

The is here to provide an index for the Ikariam players. The ikariam search facilities can provide not only player info but also island and score info. All Ikariam players are indexed with their coordinates also making it easier to spot them or comunicated with each other. Ika-core collects this information with a collaboration of all players that install the ika-core ikariam tools, it is a greasemonkey script and can be compared with something like Alexa Toolbar. It collects anonymous data from the users and sends them to ika-core. The data cannot identify the person using the toolbar in real life, but only in the game. The ika-core toolbar does not sent IP or any other data. No IP or referer is stored on the ika-core database. The only tracking is made by Google Analytics and complies with their privacy policy in all aspects. Sinceer and with no exclusions. The Ikariam Search Home (ika-core) is a non profit organization, it consist of a group of people that are equal against each other in decision making. The ikariam Search Home does not produce any revenue. Ika-core has to cover expenses for network traffic and servers , only. Nothing more nothing less. This website protects your sensitive personal data and complies with the laws in all countries reffering to personal data storage (there is no personal data storage). This site does not have any tracking code whatsoever, spreads viruses or any other malicious programms, scams etc. The only thing offered for download is a greasemonkey script in javascript and the source available for inspection to the downloading party before usage. This how greasemonkey works (read the wiki page). Anybody can review the source code before it even installs. This script provides the Alexa Toolbar like functionality in an open code. It is accompanied with a license, right to use and disclaimer. Greasemonkey is an addon for the Firefox browser and be downloaded here. Various other greasemonkey ikariam scripts can be found and reviewed here(, including The ika-core Tools.

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